Amberjack and our Sun Fund 3™ provides an enterprising solution that will allow you to check the most important boxes:

  • Ownership of the system from day 1
  • Little to no risk on the return on investment (guaranteed dollar amount provided on state incentives)
  • Cut your electric bill by 50%+/- immediately
  • Utilize electricity produced by the sun and its stability in pricing, as opposed to the volatile cost of electricity produced by burning Coal, natural gas or nuclear energy
  • Predictability – fixed electricity payments for life of note (approx. 12 years)
  • System Performance Guarantees
  • No impact on the lending capacity for your primary business
  • Positive return year 1!
  • Enjoy the upside of Solar’s ROI instead of limited gain available from a Power Purchase Agreement

Our team of tax and finance specialists, along with our investment group provide a finance solution that leverages the tax incentives and state incentives available to you. Keeping your system’s finance under our roof means that your lending partner truly understands solar and will ensure that your expectations of returns are met (or exceeded). No minimum monthly payments are required, only pay for what the system produces at a significantly reduced (upwards of 50% less) kWh payment.

Contact us today to find out more details and see if you qualify to take part in the program that is changing the solar industry.