Rising energy costs are detrimental to farmers’ operations. Farms, with a wonderful volume of unshaded sunny spaces provide the perfect setting for a solar system.

Amberjack Solar is the only vendor endorsed by the Board of Directors of the NJ Farm Bureau since 2007 and is ranked #1 in the number of Solar Installations on farms in New Jersey. Amberjack Solar has extensive experience with the unique requirements of solar on barns, outbuildings, ground arrays, and other rural structures. Harvesting sunshine is a natural way for farmers to reduce or eliminate their energy costs for 25 to 30 years or more.

Financial Benefits

  • Reduced electricity bill
  • Potential reduction in demand charges
  • Increased control over Energy Costs (fixed price hedge)

Other Important Benefits

  • Solar is a peaking resource and will provide full power during summer fractional power reductions – less stress on refrigeration and motors.
  • Roof arrays can reduce temperatures in outbuildings by 5° to 10°
  • Patriotisttm, reduce foreign fuel dependence, improved energy security
  • PR value and market positioning
  • Reduce environmental impacts (CO2, pollution)
  • Reduce public health impacts

Statewide Benefits

  • Stabilizing NJ Energy Costs
  • Significant Job Creation (can’t be outsourced)
  • Peak Load Production helps reduce Peaking Charges for everyone.

Incentives and SRECs

Federal and State programs offer excellent incentives to go solar. Get up to date information on these programs now.

Financing Options

Get the benefits of solar energy without upfront costs.

Working with Amberjack Solar

For the past 10-years, Amberjack Solar has ranked in the TOP TEN for number of non-residential installations built in New Jersey and Number #1 for Farm Installations. Amberjack has deep experience and a long track record of well-satisfied farm customers. Solar energy can be less difficult and more affordable when you work with the right professional. Let Amberjack Solar walk you through the solar options and financing options available to you. Call 908 788 7925 or email us at your convenience. Ask about NO UP FRONT COSTS financing


Below are some of the agricultural solar pv of the projects in our portfolio. This sample was chosen to showcase the variety of properties, clients and ultimately system design and installations we have recently completed. As you compare Amberjack to other companies, you will find very few others that have comparable attention to detail throughout the entire process. The result is greater returns on your investment and the environment.