Every year energy prices go higher and higher, and although new appliances and technologies have reduced their energy appetites, we tend to have more of them and use them more often. Now you can take control of your electricity costs with solar. If you have a sunny roof with a southern exposure, or a shade-free plot of unused ground, you can typically displace 50-80% or even 100% of the electricity you now get through your utility company with solar energy you generate yourself.

Amberjack Solar’s experienced in house team of solar specialists will give you a free solar evaluation, spelling out how the system will work, and how much energy you can produce. An Amberjack Solar sales consultant will explain:

  • what your savings will be,
  • the various financial options available to you,
  • the tax credits available, and
  • how, with New Jersey’s Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs), you can get paid to generate electricity.

Your personal sales consultant will provide a complete breakout of all the numbers, project an estimated time for your Return on Investment (ROI), and spell out what kind of return you can expect from your investment (IRR). Once you are comfortable with all the facts, you can make an informed decision on the best way for you to take control of your energy costs for the next 20-years and beyond.

Amberjack Solar handles all the permitting, paperwork, and registration with the Board of Public Utilities. Once all systems are go, you will meet our full time crew of installation experts. You will be given a timeline on just what will happen and when your installation can begin.

Amberjack Solar is a Full Service Solar Company, and that not only includes all of the work described above, but also includes all of the system approvals once construction is complete, warranties as well as optional extended maintenance programs. Amberjack Solar even has an online monitoring system to which you can subscribe so that you can see exactly what how much energy you are generating any time of the day.

Incentives and SRECs

Federal and State programs offer excellent incentives to go solar. Get up to date information on these programs now.

Financing Options

Get the benefits of solar energy without upfront costs.

Lease Programs also enable you to install a solar system with no money down. Amberjack Solar offers a no money down lease for homeowners that includes monthly lease payments for a 15-20 year term. During the term of the lease your fixed lease payments are offset by utility savings. At the end of the term you have the option to renew the lease, buy it at fair market value, or have it removed at no cost to you.

Amberjack Solar also offers a no money down lease option for commercial and not for profit organizations.

For a more detailed explanation, or to answer any questions, call us at 1-877-901-7657 or email us at info@amberjacksolar.com.

Working with Amberjack Solar

Today more than ever, trust matters. With a decade of experience Amberjack Solar is a trusted name in the industry, with strong endorsements from customers, industry colleagues, strategic marketing partners, and key suppliers. Most recently, the Company has been recognized as the “gold standard” for technical excellence. You can trust that Amberjack’s professionalism, integrity, and extensive experience will result in the best system for your site and your budget.


Please enjoy some of the solar pv projects in our residential portfolio. This sample was chosen to showcase the variety of the residential properties, clients and ultimately system design and installations we have completed. As you compare Amberjack to other companies, you will find very few others that have comparable attention to detail throughout the entire process. The result is greater returns on your investment and the environment.