Non Profit institutions usually have a need to cut costs and a desire to serve their community. Depending on the financing method and the site specifics, a PV solar installation can either reduce energy costs to an affordable price, or eliminate them entirely.

Amberjack Solar has a decade of experience working with Non Profit groups and ranks #1 for the number of Non Profit solar installations in New Jersey. This deep experience gives Amberjack Solar a close understanding of the challenges and complexities of Non Profit funding.

Financial Benefits

  • Reduced electricity bill
  • Predictable Energy Costs
  • Potential reduction in demand charges

Other Important Benefits

  • Solar Energy is climate-neutral, producing neither greenhouse gasses nor toxic nuclear waste.
  • Solar is a peaking resource so it helps bring down energy costs for everyone.
  • Solar is a “home grown,” distributed energy source, less dependent on foreign sources.
  • “Stewardship in action” street cred’s

Statewide Benefits

  • Stabilizing NJ Energy Costs
  • Significant Job Creation
  • Peak Load Production helps reduce Peaking Charges for everyone.

Financing Options

Get the benefits of solar energy without upfront costs.

Working with Amberjack Solar

Two of our best testimonials come from the Non Profit sector – John Belanus of Eastern Christian Schools and Reverend Harper of Green Faith. In 2008, Amberjack Solar received the Inspirational Leadership Award from Green Faith. In many instances Amberjack Solar has directly worked with congregants and strongly positioned boards to devise an exactly right energy-saving solar solution.


View a sampling of the solar pv projects in our Not For Profit portfolio. This sample was chosen to showcase the variety of properties, clients and ultimately system design and installations we have recently completed. As you compare Amberjack to other companies, you will find very few others that have comparable attention to detail throughout the entire process. The result is greater returns on your investment and the environment.