“We are so proud to be able to produce our own electricity, via solar, and greatly reduce our operating expenses. Amberjack undersold us, and constructed a system that is overproducing”
— Robert Roth, President

Location: Maltese Drive, Totowa, NJ
System Size: 877 kW DC
Quantity of Panels Installed: 3563 Polycrystaline panels
kWhs Produced Per Year: 1122000 kwh’s/year
kWh Produced Over Life of System: over 28,000,000 kwh’s of electricity
Environmental Benefits
– Carbon Offset:
  • Avoided emissions: 1675300 lbs of Co2
  • This is the equivalent of taking 166 cars off of the road
  • Conserving 88,000 gallons of gasoline or Preserving 5.5 acres of forest annualy